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Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd., extends its ability to serve clients through its network of Consulting Associatesa select group of highly qualified colleagues in various areas and specialties related to software and usability engineering. Consulting Associates are outstanding professionals who have been invited to ally themselves with Constantine & Lockwood. They have been chosen for their knowledge of usage-centered design, their experience, and their demonstrated skills and abilities in helping clients to solve problems.


We can assemble the team with the skills and experiences needed to solve the problem.

Consulting Associates LogoConsulting Associates are considered an essential part of the Constantine & Lockwood usage-centered design team. They are consultants, contract professionals, and academics who work independently as well as with Constantine & Lockwood. Consulting Associates serve in a number of capacities, including team and independent teaching, collaborative design work, and client mentoring.


We are proud to be affiliated with these outstanding professionals who are members of our extended team:

Dr. James Noble
  • James Noble, Senior Consulting Associate
    A frequent collaborator in many areas with a special focus on implementation and the integration of usage-centered design with object-oriented software engineering, Noble is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has brought his flair for teaching to numerous seminars and tutorials on usage-centered design around the world. Regarded as New Zealand's leading expert on design patterns, he and his colleagues at the Victoria Object Group have pioneered methods for responsibility-driven design with essential use cases, the subject of an important joint paper. Noble is the co-author with Charles Weir of Small Memory Software (Addison-Wesley, 2000) and editor of Prototype-Based Programming (Springer Verlag, 1999).
Meili Page-Jones
  • Meilir Page-Jones, Consulting Associate
    Founder of Wayland Systems Institute and one of the world's leading consultants on object-oriented methods, Page-Jones brings his broad expertise in both modeling and management issues to bear on large-scale usage-centered design projects. One of the pioneers of modern software design and project management practice, he is the author of several highly influential books, including Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design in UML (Addison-Wesley, 2000).
Ron Pinder
  • Ron Pinder, Consulting Associate
    Pinder is an independent consultant applying the principles of usage centered design to the area of business interaction design. Formerly with Nortel Network's prestigious design group, he successfully applied usage-centered design in several projects, including two that generated important patents in interaction design. With an eclectic background in psychology, programming, and management, Pinder is both an innovative designer and an award-winning technical writer who brings a practical business-oriented focus into all his projects and designs.
David W. Schofield
  • David Schofield, Consulting Associate
    David is an independent consultant with 17 years of application development experience in both human-computer interface design and software engineering, particularly in the area of control and automation systems. Skilled in both the technical and creative sides of user interface design, his design work has included touch-screen and wireless handheld applications as well as conventional graphical user interfaces.
Helmut Windl
  • Helmut Windl, Senior Consulting Associate
    As Director of the Usability Competence Center for Siemens AG Automation & Drives in Nuremberg, Germany, Helmut was the lead designer for Step 7 Lite, an award-winning new software tool for PLC programming. This highly successful project was one of the largest usage-centered design projects to date.  A brilliant visual and interaction designer whose innovations include several patented techniques, Windl has also taught usage-centered design and is involved in its application to Web site design (WebForUse).