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forUse is an electronic newsletter published by e-mail approximately 9 times a year.

forUse covers new developments in usage-centered design. Regularly features include

  • tips and techniques on design, modeling, and management,
  • questions and answers on technical issues in usage-centered design,
  • plus news and upcoming events.

Subscribers get early notice of new papers and publications, and the newsletter features complement material on the Web site.



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#30/Mar03 Cowpath Design: Fitting Usage Naturally

Collaboration-in-Context Service Model

Design Patterns as Best Practices

Also: Upcoming conference presentations.

#29/Feb03 Default Values and Usability

Design Patterns for Usability

Concurrent Design with Multi-Stream Design Teams

Also: Upcoming conference presentations.

#28/Jan03 Instructive Interaction Short Answers and Details

Granularity in Task Models: Task Cases and Use Cases

Naked Objects Update

Also: Upcoming conference presentations.

#27/Dec02 Naked Objects on the User Interface

Also: forUSE 2003 Call for Proposals. forUSE2002 Proceedings.

#26/Oct02 Component Selection: Picking the Parts for User Interfaces

Personas, Actors, Roles, and Relationships

Also: Full training in usage-centered design.

#25/Sep02 Performance Support and Workflow in Task Models

Group Process and Abstraction: Extreme Lessons

Also: Full training in usage-centered design.

#24/Aug02 Scenarios and Use Cases: Mapping the Big Picture

Confirming This, Confirming That: Reassuring Users. .

Also: forUSE 2002 sponsors. Master Class in usage-centered design.

#23/Jul02 Task Maps and Use Case Diagrams: Picture This

Error? What Error? Communicating Feedback in Context

Also: forUSE 2002 sponsors. Master Class in usage-centered design.

#22/Jun02 User Needs versus Business Goals: Conflicting Design Priorities

Forms Design for E-Commerce: The Devilish Details of Submit

Also: forUSE 2002 Conference discounts. Master Class for experienced designers.

#21/May02 Usability Testing - Designers as Critics

Also: forUSE 2002 Conference program. New Web site live. Fitting process to projects. Public Seminar.

#20/Feb02 Instructive Interaction: Inventing by Increments

Also: forUSE 2002 Conference deadline extended. Paper on usage-centered Web design. Public Seminar.

#19/Jan02 Card-Based Models - Computing Concordance of Rankings

Instructive Interaction and Instant Learning

Also: New Web site. forUSE 2002 Conference. Public Seminar, 6-10 May 2002.

#18/Dec01 Data, Context, and Use Cases: Questions and Answers

Also: forUSE 2002, 25-28 August 2002 Deadline. Public Seminar, 6-10 May 2002.

#17/Nov01 Implementing Usage-Centered Designs

Also: forUSE 2002, 25-28 August 2002 Deadline. Re: paper on dynamic workspace.

#16/Sep01 Performance-Centered Design - Award Winning STEP 7 Lite IDE

Also: September 11th aftermath. Customized in-house seminars.

#15/Aug01 Refactoring User Interfaces

Personas and User Roles

Also: Re: paper on responsibility-driven design with essential use cases.

#14/Jun01 Patents and User Interface Innovations

Navigation Architecture to Reduce Window Management Overhead

Also: Seminars.

#13/May01 Navigation and Branching Logic on the Web

Also: Introducing design studies.

#12/Apr01 Agile Usage-Centered Design

Also: Training: how long?.

#11/Jan01 Usability Testing - Problems and Limitations

Structure Principle - Design Guidance

Also: Usability and the Rational Unified Process.

#10/Dec00 Invention by Persistence

Tools for Usage-Centered Design - UML and the Unified Process

Also: Public seminars.

#9/Nov00 Requirements and Roles - the Role-Support Matrix

Aesthetics and Usability - Getting Both

Professional Specialties and Teamwork

Also: Training seminars.

#7-8/Sep00 Use Cases - Writing from the Middle Out

Missing Metaphors - Visual Design Without Visibility

Constructing Canonical Prototypes

Also: Upcoming events.

#5-6/Aug00 Abstract Prototyping with Canonical Components

Scope Setting with User Roles

Also: Usage-centered design in a unified world. Seminars.

#4/May00 Use Case Modeling of Multiple User Interaction

Also: Introducing paper on metaphors and shoddy shopping carts. Seminars.

#3/Apr00 Search Boxes and In-Site Searching

Also: Usage-centered design growing. Australian seminar.

#2/Feb00 Cluster Cases to Speed Task Modeling

Instructive Interfaces and Intrinsic Help

Also: Seminars.

#1/Feb00 Crunch-Mode Modeling Shortcuts

Also: Patents. Seminar discounts.