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#131/Nov06 Constantine "Activity Modeling: Toward a Pragmatic Integration of Activity Theory with Usage-Centered Design"

[Conference Reprint] Extensions to usage-centered design to cover modeling human activity. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 498K]

#130/Nov06 Constantine "Users, Roles, and Personas"

[Book Chapter] Detailed comparison of personas with user role models. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 607K]

#129/Jun06 Constantine "Trusted Interaction: User Control and System Responsibilities in Interaction Design"

[Conference Reprint] Analyzes the impact of interaction design on user trust. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 191K]

#128/Feb04 Constantine "Beyond User-Centered Design and User Experience: Designing for User Performance"

[Journal Preprint] What's wrong with user-centered design and what can be done about it.. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 174K]

#127/Sep03 Wirfs-Brock "Exception Handling in Object-Oriented Software Design"

[Conference Reprint] Systematic approach to designing for errors and exceptions in object-oriented software. From Wirfs-Brock Associates.Chapter from forUSE 2002 Proceedings; click here for ordering information. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 1.2M]

#126/Aug03 Patrício, Falcão e Cunha, Fisk, Nunes "Essential Use Cases for Multiplatform Services Design"

[Application] Techniques for incorporating customer experience requirements into essential use use cases to support design of multiplatform applications. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 201K]

#125/Jul03 Constantine "Canonical Abstract Prototypes for Abstract Visual and Interaction Design"

[Conference Reprint] Revised version of notation for canonical abstract components with discussion of abstract design patterns and tool support for abstract prototyping.  [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 395K]

#124/Jan03 Constantine "Devilish Details: Best Practices for Web Design"

[Conference Reprint] Design recommendations in details of architecture, interaction design, and commerce support. Chapter from forUSE 2002 Proceedings; click here for ordering information. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 1.2M]

#123/Jan03 Biddle, Noble, Tempero "From Essential Use Cases to Objects"

Techniques for responsibility-driven object design based on task cases (essential use cases). Chapter from forUSE 2002 Proceedings; click here for ordering information. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 1.2M]

#122/Dec02 Constantine "The Emperor Has No Clothes: Naked Objects On the Interface"

The pluses and minuses of a seductive new approach to user interface construction. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 143K]

#121/Sep02 Kaindl, Jezek. "From Usage Scenarios to User Interface Elements in a Few Steps"

[Siemens AG article] This paper describes a step-by-step process for identifying classes of user interface elements (widgets) from usage scenarios. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 302K]

#120/Mar02 Percival, Scanlon "UCD for Different Project Types, Part 2: Core Design Activities by Project Type"

[IBM article] This paper, part 2 of 2, describes how core design activities within the IBM version of usage-centered design are adapted to various types of projects. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 75K]

#119/Mar02 Scanlon, Percival "UCD for Different Project Types, Part 1: Overview of Core Design Activities"

[IBM article] This paper, part 1 of 2, describes the core design activities within the IBM version of usage-centered design. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 75K]

#118/Feb02 Constantine, Lockwood "Usage-Centered Engineering for Web Applications"

[Preprint, unabridged] This paper presents a lightweight form of usage-centered design that has proved particularly effective in designing highly usable Web-based applications. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 803K]

#117/Jan02 Constantine, Lockwood "Instructive Interaction: Making Innovative Interfaces Self-Teaching"

[Paper] An innovative approach to enhancing ease of use and learning for novel user interfaces is described.  [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 508K]

#116/Nov01 Constantine, Lockwood "Design Study 3: Dynamic Workspace for Complex Document Assembly and Navigation"

[Application] This design study reviews the design of a novel facility for allowing users at all levels of sophistication and skill to quickly and easily construct complex documents using resources obtained from numerous and varied sources. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 256K]

#115/Sep01 Windl, Constantine "Performance-Centered Design: STEP 7 Lite Hardware Configuration"

[Application] A large-scale application of usage-centered design to industrial automation software is described. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 945K]

#114/Sep01 Constantine "Requisite Variety"

[Fiction] In the final analysis, flexibility wins--whether in control systems, user interfaces, or life. [Read it.]

#113/Aug01 Noble, Biddle, Tempero "Essential Use Cases and Responsibility in Object-Oriented Development"

[Paper] This paper describes how essential use cases can drive object-oriented development directly, without any intervening translation, allowing user interface development to proceed in parallel. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 276K]

#112/Jun01 Constantine, Lockwood. "Design Study 2: Structured Selection with a Multi-Modal Selection List"

[Application] The design of a special-purpose selection list, part of a performance-support application for classroom teachers, is reviewed. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 225K]

#111/May01 Constantine, Lockwood. "Design Study 1: Active Table-of-Contents Control for Content Navigation and Customization"

[Application] This report illustrates the design of a novel user interface feature to provide simple and rapid navigation and user customization of the contents of a complex, multipart document. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 225K]

#110/Apr01 Constantine "Process Agility and Software Usability: Toward Lightweight Usage-Centered Design"

[Reprint, revised and extended] A streamlined and simplified variant of the usage-centered process that is readily integrated with Extreme Programming and other agile or lightweight methods is outlined. [More details.]| [Get .PDF, about 249K]

#109/Aug00 Constantine, Windl, Noble, Lockwood. "From Abstraction to Realization: Abstract Prototypes Based on Canonical Components - REVISED"

[REVISED Working Paper] A powerful new form of abstract prototype is described that speeds and simplifies the transition from abstract task model to realistic paper prototype by using a standardized set of user interface abstractions. REVISED July 2003. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 371K]

#108/May00 Constantine "Use and Misuse of Metaphor"

[Application Note]  This note considers the appropriate and inappropriate use of the various forms of so-called "real-world" metaphors popular in Web and application design. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 320K]

#107/Apr00 Constantine "Insights on In-Site Searching"

[Application Note]  The all-but-universal search box often leads to frustration and failure. This note analyzes the problems, causes, and alternative solutions. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 174K]

#106/Feb00 Constantine, Lockwood "Structure and Style in Use Cases for User Interface Design"

[Book Chapter] Styles for writing use cases with their advantages and disadvantages for user interface design. Task cases, a highly structured form of essential use cases, are described in detail. [More details.]| [Get .PDF, about 382K]

#105/Jan00 Constantine "Cutting Corners: Shortcuts in Model-Driven Web Design"

[Experience Report] The shortcut approach to usage-centered design taken on one crunch-mode Web application project is described. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 238K]

#104/Jul99 Constantine "Conditional Interaction: Improvements to Use Case Notation"

[Application Note] Describes refinements for conditional and partially ordered interaction  that make it easier to model a variety of real-world tasks with essential use case models. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 610K]

#103/Jul99 Neperud "Essentials and Extensions for Improved Design in a Social Services Application"

[Experience Report] This report describes the application of usage-centered design with essential use cases to a social services information system. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 197K]

#102/Jan99 Constantine "Simplifying User Interfaces by Simplifying Use Cases"

[Application Note] How reducing the number of steps in essential use cases can simplify usage and the user interface. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 183K]

#101/Jan99 Constantine "What do Users Want? Engineering Usability into Software"

[Reprint; revised June 2000] Basic and original introduction to usage-centered design with essential use cases. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 431K]

#100/Oct98 Constantine "Rapid Abstract Prototyping"

[Reprint; revised April 2002] Practical introduction to abstract prototypes and content models. [More details.] | [Get .PDF, about 410K]