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What would bring professionals from Australia, Canada, China, England, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, and Japan to Portsmouth, New Hampshire?

Training in usage-centered design
 with Lucy Lockwood and Larry Constantine!

Hands-on application in a previous seminar.Next class:

Usage-Centered Design: A Crash Course in Design for Use

18 October 2003
Portsmouth, NH

Get details now on this and other tutorials before the forUSE 2003 Conference.

  • Hands-on application!
  • Latest in proven techniques!
  • Presentations, demonstrations, discussions, Q&A
  • Review and feedback

New and expanded material:

  • Rapid modeling and design with index cards and sticky notes.
  • Usage-centered design techniques for agile methods like Extreme Programming.

Lucy LockwoodLarry ConstantineLearn how to do usage-centered design from two of the best teachers and consultants in the business.



Get details on this and other tutorials and classes.

High praise from past participants:

"I met with the other four guys who attended the training last week, and every one of them said that was the best training they'd ever attended. ... These are key people in our development organization. They have been won over. ... Great job!!!”
Teresa Cleary

“A must-have course for any and all programmers. It will challenge your current point of view.”
Gregory Buras, lead programmer

"Great information on how to use usage-centered design in our current work environment. Very informative."
Michele Bozza, medical applications designer

“The silver bullet for Web design/development. Helps those who don’t get it—get it.”

“The focus on real users and practical guidelines was great.”
User interface designer

Get details on November 2002 seminar.


Leading companies attending public seminars have included: Amdocs, Aprisma Management Technologies, Coca-Cola Enterprises, R. R. Donnelley & Sons, FannieMae, Fidelity Investments, Forum Financial Group, GartnerGroup, HarperCollins, Lotus Development, Lycos, McKesson, Nokia, Nortel Networks, PaineWebber, Schlumberger, Serena, Siemens AG, Timex, and others.